A longitudinal study on the dynamic interplay of peers and parents in explaining adolescents eating behavior.

Eating behaviors are critical to adolescent development. While it is suggested that peers and parents play a major role in forming adolescents’ eating behavior, research on peer and parent influence has arisen in relatively separate research fields. Therefore, in this project, we simultaneously assess peer and parent influence on adolescents’ (un) healthy eating behaviors. In total, four measurement waves are conducted over 3 years: in the Fall of 2017, in the Spring of 2018, in the Spring of 2019, and in the Spring of 2020. Approximately 700 adolescents and their parents joined the project when they were in the first or second year of (Dutch) secondary school. Each wave, adolescents’ height and weight are measured at school, and both adolescents and their parents fill out surveys on e.g., their eating habits, (perceived) food-related parenting practices, and well-being. If you are interested in the use of our dataset or in other forms of collaboration, you are welcome to contact the research team.

Start – end date

sept 2016 – aug 2021

Funding Source

Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University

Coordinating organisation Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University
Name  Nina van den Broek
E-mail  n.vandenbroek@bsi.ru.nl
Website www.ru.nl/goedvoorelkaar